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Business Continuity Management

Business risk today is not what it was when our predecessors built and operated their businesses. Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Disaster Recovery (DR) are massive areas which mean stress and worry to many organisations. How do you keep your systems and company running in or after a disaster situation?

As the risk of incidents increases and cost of it downtime escalates, the importance of effective business continuity management planning becomes even more critical. Customers, shareholders, and numerous regulatory bodies demand that organizations have plans in place to ensure recovery from any disruption to operations.

7 Step specialists help you

  • Leverage BCM processes, expert- generated guidance and best practices including certification to BS 25999
  • Manage entire lifecycle with comprehensive BC Program Management
  • Use software solutions from leader in BC/DR industry

Are you facing any of the following challenges in your business?

  • Have the mission critical services and functions supplied by your business been identified?
  • If you were to lose the infrastructure, facilities or personnel that support your mission critical functions, what will you need and how will you proceed?
  • Has the business impact analysis been able to identify, categorize and prioritize the critical activities and vital records of your organization?
  • Who in your organization is responsible for the provision of those functions?
  • Has your risk assessment identified the controls that are currently in place to reduce the impact of a threat occurring?
  • Is their an inventory of minimal operational requirements of your business?
  • Are the Crisis Management Team (CMT)members of your organization clear about their roles and responsibilities in a crisis?

7 Step helps you with your business continuity strategy design, development, implementation and long-term program maintenance - consistent with all BS 25999 codes of practices and specifications.

7 Step proven track record, based on years of , designing, writing, testing and updating plans for a wide spectrum of industries including Financial Services, Non-for-Profit, Manufacturing and Software Companies benefits clients working with our team immediately. 7 Step consultant's combine unique problem-solving orientation with deep technical knowledge and strong execution to help clients achieve success in their most critical missions.

The 7 Step BCM methodology, allows for the creation of customized management systems based on a clients Risk and Business Impact Assessments and affects positively the quality, focus and strategic alignment of your organization's risk management and continuity and recovery planning efforts

Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Solutions from Seven Step cover :

  • BCMS /DR Organizational Review Business Impact Analysis
  • Continuity Risk Assessment
  • Crisis management plan
  • Crisis communication plan
  • Business Resumption Strategy and Business Unit Resumption Plan(s)
  • BCMS /DR Design & Implementation
  • Exercising ,Testing and Maintenance
  • BCMS /DR Plan Documentation
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Crisis Communications Planning
  • BCM Training & Awareness Programs
  • Certification Readiness Reviews to BS 25999 & BS 25777.
  • Pre-certification Audits and support
  • Post Certification Audits Corrective Action Support


  • Business Impact Analysis Report
  • Risk Report
  • Business Continuity Strategies & Cost Benefit Analysis Report
  • Draft Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan Manual
  • BCP/DR Testing Methodology and Templates
  • Final Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan Manual

BCM Tool Implementation

We have partnered with some of the best world-class vendors to empower your organization continued business operations and help your company realize the true value of business continuity / disaster recovery IT solutions.

Seven Step's certified expert consultants leverage their real world experiences to help your business benefits from :

  • Providing ALL stakeholders with confidence that risks from potential disasters have been reasonably mitigated
  • Providing company personnel with proper procedures in case of disaster
  • Ensuring faster and more effective recovery of business operations
  • Reducing the risk of business and infrastructure loss
  • Providing insurance underwriters evidence that the company has properly assessed the risks of conducting business
  • Attain the BS 25999 certification
  • Ensuring all departments have fundamental contingency planning knowledge with action plans that support the on-going viability of the business.
  • Contingency planning becoming part of the day-to-day operations of the business.
  • Qualifying and quantifying the on-going financial support for all contingency planning work effort.
  • Positioning the contingency planning work effort as a strategic competitive advantage.