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Crisis Management Courses

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Course Duration

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Crisis Communications Planner CS IL CMC 2050 2 days 1,495.00  

Crisis Communications Planner - CSILCMC2050 
An organization in crisis faces many grave threats. Employees can be in physical danger. Buildings can fall. Customers can be lost. But the most serious threat is and always will be the threat to the organization’s most important asset – its reputation.  To protect the organization from reputational threats requires careful, thoughtful, detailed planning and a methodology for inculcating a culture of organizational crisis preparedness.  In this two-day seminar, you will learn how to prepare the organization for inevitable threats to reputation, execute the crisis communications plan, then, when the crisis has passed, assess and do what must be done before the
next threats occur.  Attendees earn a certificate as Crisis Communications Planner.

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Crisis Team Leadership Development   CS IL CMC 4030 3 days 2,195.00 2,195.00
Crisis Team Leadership Development - CSILCMC4030 

Leadership is expected for those elected or assigned to working in the Emergency Operations Center – whether in the public or private sector. Crisis Team Leadership Development is a three-day day course that teaches public and private sector leaders how to work in a team and make clear decisions under extreme conditions. It uses a powerful approach to figuring out what’s important and what’s not when making a decision. It includes clear, useful strategies and techniques for how to analyze situations and make difficult decisions with limited time and information.
The audience for this course includes those people responsible for working in an Emergency Operations Center as crisis team members or team leaders. As a result of taking this course attendees can be certified as crisis team members or leaders.

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Crisis Management & Communication Professional   CS IL CMC 5000 5 days 2,895.00 2,195.00
Crisis Management & Communications Professional - CSELCMC5000

It is important that any enterprise have an understanding of Crisis Management since it poses the greatest threat to an organization's survival. That can only be achieved by adopting a management philosophy that includes prevention of potential crises, mitigation of those that do occur, and recovery and restoration in the wake of a crisis.
This course is ideal for senior management responsible for leading their organization during a crisis, public sector personnel such as front line law enforcement, professional communicators, those in public affairs, public relations, or anyone who requires advanced communication skills with which to persuade or influence others.

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