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Emergency Management Courses

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Continuity of Government Operations  (CS EL EM 3000—all 10)       1,795.00 1,250.00
Continuity of Governmental Operations Course Series - EM3000

Continuity of Governmental Operations is offered as an instructor led 5 day course of an elearning 10-course series that prepares governmental officials to develop, implement, and maintain continuity of operations programs at their agencies. This course also prepares officials for the ICOR Certified Organizational Resilience Specialist in Emergency Management (CORS in EM) certification.

There are 3 options for course delivery for each of the 10 courses in the series. For each course the requirements are as follows:

Instructor led in-house training: The instructor led or “live” course is taught over 5 days with each topic covered in approximately 3 hours. The course includes lively discussions, small group activities, and lecture.

Online / Elearning: Includes an audio-visual presentation (approximately 1 hour in length for each course), 60-100 pages of assigned reading, and a 1000 word written response to a question for each of the 10 seminars.

Self-study: Includes course book, 60-100 pages of additional assigned reading, and a 1000 word written response to a question for each of the 10 seminars.

For a complete course description, download the brochure
  1. Historical Perspective on Emergency Management   
EM 3010 195 136
  1. Introduction to & Requirements for COOP       
EM 3020 195 136

  1. Continuity Roles & Responsibilities—Building Effective   Teams    
EM 3030 195 136

  1. Elements of a Viable Continuity Program 
EM3040 195 136
  1. COOP Program Development: The Planning Process  
EM3050 195 136
  1. The Risk Management Process
EM3060 195 136
  1. Identifying & Supporting Essential Functions
EM3070 195 136
  1. Developing Continuity Plans & Procedures
EM3080 195 136
  1. Operating in a Continuity Environment / Plan Activation
EM3090 195 136
  1. TTE, Maintaining & Developing a Corrective Action Program
EM3095 195 136

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