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Information Security Solutions and Services

Let's face it, security is a complicated business–but knowing the ins and outs like we do helps us thoroughly understand every aspect. The 7 Step Consultants provide a process backbone and framework and a business-driven approach to information security solutions and support services . We determine your organization's risk profile prior to making recommendations on security controls. Our methodologies, expertise and flexible engagement model. We work as a valuable extension of your IT organization to help you get the most from your current systems to control costs and improve performance, and help you develop a comprehensive program that can reduce security risks across your entire extended enterprise—including third parties with whom you do business.

  • Looking to match proven products from the industry's best security solution providers to your security objectives?
  • Looking for intelligence-driven capacity to assess risk, manage increasingly sophisticated threats, help address security compliance requirements and reduce complexity—all in the context of your business?
  • Increased reliance on partners to deliver vital services, but little recognition the information security risk that those business partners or suppliers pose.?
  • Need building blocks to deploy secure and protected Internet-enabled business applications for your business?
  • You need leading security research with real-world incident response experience to help you prepare for and respond to information security breaches?
  • Looking for a partner who can custom design a security solution that quickly resolves your problem and meets your objectives for today and well into the future in collaboration with best of breed security technology solution vendors.

We provide a full range of services: SECURITY PRODUCTS, IMPLEMENTATION AND SUPPORT!

  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spam / Malicious Code Protection
    o Delivers coordinated protection at application and network layers.
  • Data Loss Prevention
    o Comprehensive data protection for your business help you identify and protect confidential information and prevent data breaches, stop data leakage, demonstrate compliance and reduce the risk of external attacks and the insider threat.
  • Firewall / VPN / Network Perimeter
    o Provides privacy protection of business communications over the Internet while securing critical network resources against unauthorized access.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    o Security to stop malicious Internet attacks before they impact your organization and prevent security breaches.
  • Security Information and Event Management
    o Security to centralize the storage and interpretation of logs, or events, generated by other software running on the network .
  • Secure Remote Access
    o Provides secure, reliable and intuitive remote access to corporate applications and data using standard web browser technology.
  • Strong Authentication
    o Assures user identities at every point of entry while making authentication simpler for every user.
  • Managed Security Services & Monitoring
    o Enhanced security and increased return on security investments by providing essential security expertise, monitoring and management.
  • Wireless Infrastructure Protection
    o Protection and management of your worldwide WLANs around the clock.
  • Application Layer Security
    o Database security solutions to proactively secure enterprise applications.
  • Security Information Management
    o Anticipates potential security breaches and proactively ensures network availability.
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Management
    o Protects networks, servers, desktops and databases ahead of the threat with vulnerability assessments.
  • Identity Management
    o Share trusted identities across the boundaries of the corporate network–with business partners, autonomous business units and remote offices.
  • Employee Internet Management
    o Protection for organizations and employees who use the internet from a growing number of threats.
  • Purpose-Built Security Appliances
    o Integrated solutions that provide greater control over hardware, software and networking functionality.

Your business will benefit and stay protected through

  • Access to Leading Edge Security Technologies: You can review, test, prototype, and deploy the latest technology products and solutions and the widest possible range of security technologies to choose from for meeting your businesses security needs.
  • Demonstrated Security Experience: Our team of experienced security Implementation and support professionals stand ready to solve complex security challenges
  • Processs Driven Approach: Unique CRM & Security portal allows you to have a complete 360 degree view of the status of your tickets.
  • Knowledge Management: We leverage knowledge from our prior engagements into our toolkits, techniques, knowledge management repositories and methodologies to facilitate and enhance knowledge transfer.
  • Compliance View: Expert consultants to custom design and implement your security solutions that enable the business to meet your ongoing compliance audits such as Sarbanes Oxley, Privacy Acts,Payment Card Industry security standards, ISO27000 reviews etc.
  • Right Solutions: for meeting business or regulatory demands and implementing it to agreed timelines and budgets.
  • 24X7 X 365 support: Get support round-the-clock—when your business needs it ! Onsite Support for product issues during regular business hours, and24x7 access to phone support ; Quicker resolution with expert remote access support .Priority access to security experts online /via phone .
  • Pre- Certification Audit Report
  • Recommendations Report for closing gaps and non-conformities.