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"We were looking for a consultancy firm with strong industry experience and deep knowledge of the IT sector. We found the perfect choice in Seven Step Consulting, which provided us with knowledgeable consultants and strong industry experience. Their insight and expertise gave us the confidence to make the right decisions. Working with them we felt confident that we were making the right call with Seven Step Consulting. Their consultative approach, sound advice and customer-oriented attitude was exactly what we were looking for.We highly recommend them to all CIOs, CISOs, Business Heads and IT Heads."


"The team at Seven Step Consulting has been indispensable in helping me and my business grow. Their knowledge and experience in the industry have been invaluable in guiding us to make the best decisions for our business. As Founder and CISO, I can confidently recommend them to any business looking for reliable and knowledgeable consultants. They have the expertise and track record to make a real difference." Their proficiency in understanding our needs and delivering solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner has been crucial in helping us meet our objectives. We highly recommend their services to any organization looking for reliable and knowledgeable consultants."

Mahesh Singh, Founder Director Spectrum Data System Services

"As a CISO, I was looking for a partner to provide expert advisory and implementation support for my organization. Working with Seven Step Consulting was a great decision! They have strong industry experience, and their team of experts provided us with tailored solutions to our needs. Their sales-oriented approach made it easy to understand the value of their services and the results have been outstanding. I highly recommend Seven Step Consulting to CIOs, CISOs, Business Heads, and IT Heads looking for expert advisory and implementation support They were a great fit for our organization and I look forward to working with them in the future."

Gaurav Singh, CISO Assimilate Solutions Private Limited

"As a Business Head, I found working with the team at Expert Advisory and Implementation Support to be an invaluable experience. They provided professional and knowledgeable guidance in every step of the way, from creating an effective security strategy to implementing the right solutions. Their sales-oriented approach gave me confidence in the decisions I was making, and I can confidently say that I am now better equipped to protect my business in the digital age."

Hari Sharma, Hari Sharma

"Expert Advisory and Implementation Support from Seven Step Consulting has been a game changer for our business. It provided us with invaluable advice from experienced professionals, which allowed us to make informed decisions about our IT strategy. We also received comprehensive implementation support that was tailored to our specific needs. Our business heads, CISOs and IT heads were impressed with the level of expertise and service they received. We would highly recommend Seven Step Consulting 's Expert Advisory and Implementation Support services to any business looking to get the most out of their IT systems."

Gautam Hegde, Director Backend Systems Private Limited

We engaged Seven Step Consulting for our ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 compliance. The provided us with invaluable valuable guidance and expertise to undertake this journey and help us get certified by BSi The processes that they have designed, and built for our organization shows their knowledge of the subject and the project methodology. Highly Recommended!


Ajai. We appreciate all of the hard work you and your team has been doing to support our ISO initiatives. You have done an impressive job establishing a baseline documentation set. Thank You again.

Kai Schmid, Vice President - Quality Management Directorate, Planned Systems International, Inc., USA

"The course contents are so good and well organized but the problem is no practice"


"The topics were excellently presented. Resource persons are well qualified in this field viz. Cybercrime."


"The course is good and of importance as it makes me aware of the cybercrime investigation, collection of evidence and the laws applicable. I am so grateful to the sponsors and instructors. Thank you so much!"


"The course was superb! Please think of training more people at our forensic department in order to get more competent professionals"


"Working with Ajai I found him as a person with great experience and deep knowledge in Management systems & solutions. I had a pleasure to work on 2 major Quality Management System ISO assignments with Seven Step Consulting and on both the occasions Ajai and his team was able to meet our expectations and delivered results as assured. Ajai is a great person who can be trusted, very clear in dealing and perfectionist, his knowledge is vast and thorough. I strongly recommend Ajai/Seven Step Consulting and wish them best of luck!"

Lalit Bhagat, Chief Operating Officer, Eon Premedia & Q2A Media Pvt Ltd.

"To have value addition for our clients and providing a more systematic and professional service level, we engaged the services 7 Step. They carried out an in-depth audit of our processes and recommended various improvements in our current systems. They had a very friendly and mentoring approach and made the entire process very simple to understand. Today after our ISO:9001 certification, we approach our current clients with better value and potential clients with more confidence leading to good growth in our business. We wish 7 Step all the best for their future endeavour’s and strongly recommend them for organizations looking at improving efficiencies and achieving higher service standards."

Jai Misra, Managing Director and CEO, White Fox Support Services Pvt Ltd. New Delhi

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