Cyber Security Posture Assessment

Cyber Security Posture Assessment

With Seven Step Consulting Cyber security consulting services, you can get a roadmap for Strengthening Your Cyber security Posture for Increased Resilience and ROI

  1. Overview

The Seven Step Consulting Cyber Security Posture Assessment provides an overview of a customer’s internal and external security posture by integrating all the facets of security into the same assessment approach. Our experts use a variety of existing standards, guidelines, and practices to enable your critical infrastructure to achieve resilience. By performing a threat and risk review, our experts will assess how your critical assets are managed and their associated security controls, including your current existing security policies and processes. Any gaps found during the Cyber security Posture Assessment will help us design and develop an appropriate cyber security roadmap within an overall security program and business continuity planning for your organization.

Understand where you are and where you need to go.

Defining your cyber security posture is important to:

  • Protect your organization against security breaches and cyber threats
  • Align your security strategy with business objectives
  • Implement a holistic security strategy for all of your business units
  • Demonstrate business value from your security expenses
  • Meet your compliance requirements
  • Reduce the impact of security incidents
  • Build consensus on security improvements
  • Prioritize budget and resources
  1. Approach

We offer unique Cyber Security Posture Assessment services for all of our customers that when delivered through our experts, the outcome is a specific set of recommendations that allow you to apply your resources and controls in the most effective way to protect key assets. Combined with a remediation roadmap, the results can be used to build a budget and resource plan, or simply align to an existing strategy for confirmation and reassurance.

The Assessment includes:

  1. Engagement with appropriate stakeholders to obtain information about the organization and current practices.
  2. Information gathering through observation and web research.
  3. Interaction with senior management to obtain input on strategy, vision, expectations and challenges.
  4. Assessment of the status of controls implementation (COBIT5, NIST, ISO etc.) and to evaluate the design and operational effectiveness for assessment of the level of safeguards provided.
  5. Assessments to assess the current security landscape in your organization.

Recommendations for improvement along with a high-level roadmap based on business and technology initiatives.

  1. Benefits

Our Current State Cyber Security Posture Assessment is a flexible engagement through which we undertake a detailed assessment of your security architecture, from policies to technical controls. Our approach is unique as it focuses on what really matters: your organization, your mission-critical data and your threat exposure. We hold the firm belief that your cyber security is as unique as your organization and, when your cyber security posture is properly assessed it will deliver a customized and unique security posture improvement strategy and enable your organization to develop a concrete action plan that meet your goals.

  1. Deliverables
  1. Detailed Project plan with roles, responsibilities and timelines
  2. Documentation of system description
  3. Cyber security posture definition
  4. Definition of a target level of residual risk
  5. Cyber security framework analysis using Enterprise IT Risk and Information Security Frameworks
  6. Threat and Vulnerability assessment
  7. Cyber security Exposure assessment
  8. Cyber security controls maturity assessment:
  9. Prioritized remediation plan for continuous improvement
  10. Final report and executive presentation on your cyber security posture


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