Continual Improvement Support

Continual Improvement Support

  1. Overview

Achieving your BCMS Accredited independent Third-Party certification was a breeze with our experts.   But achieving certification, while a major milestone for any business, is only the first step in the process of continuous improvement which is at the core of the ISO philosophy.  Post Certification here are several requirements which businesses need to meet in order to improve their systems, and their business, as well as to ensure that your certification is maintained.

  1. Approach

Our services can be provided on a need basis or on a fixed annual maintenance package. Our consultants will enhance and streamline your business process and quality systems, ensure that your quality system is up to date and easy to use and, most importantly, allow you to concentrate on your core business.

Our dedicated support services include:

  • Enhance and streamline your business processes and business continuity system
  • Conduct internal Audits of your Quality Management System
  • Ensure the effective implementation of corrective actions
  • Provide ISO based coaching
  • Facilitate Management Reviews
  • Keep the Quality Management System up to date with business changes
  • Provide support during certification, surveillance and customer audits.
  1. Business Benefits

We will help you establish

  • Goals and Metrics – in other words: set goals on various levels and use metrics to measure their performance.
  • Customer Feedback – measure what customers think about your company and its products or services. Whatever method you choose this feedback will assist you in continuously improving product and services.
  • Internal Audits – periodically evaluate if your company still meets all BCMS requirements: AQM can train your staff to do these Audits in-house, or our experts can do the Audits on your behalf.
  • Corrective Action – this involves systematically identifying underlying causes of existing problems and then correcting these causes.
  • Preventive Action – this involves systematically searching for potential problems and correcting their underlying causes before the problems occur.
  • Management Review – this involves management’s periodic review of key business indicators (KPI’s) and planning of improvement initiatives.
  1. Deliverables

Revising the business continuity manual and business continuity procedures should be a normal part of the ever-improving business continuity management system.

  • Business Continuity Manual
  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Work Instructions
  • Lists
  • Checklists