Pre-Certification Readiness Reviews to ISO 22301

Pre-Certification Readiness Reviews to ISO 22301

  1. Overview

Deliverables Seven Step Consulting Pre-Certification Readiness Reviews assess your management system for compliance to the relevant requirements for the ISO 22301 certification standard.

Business Challenges

Are you facing any of the following challenges in your business?

  • Your staff is unaware aware of the requirements of an ISO certification audit.
  • You are not sure that your Management Systems framework is implemented adequately.
  • You face the risk of non-conformance during the actual certification audit.
  • Your Internal Audit team is unable to identify any weaknesses in your management system.
  • You do not have a process for checking the effectiveness of the CA for your Management System.
  1. Approach

Seven Step Consulting auditors provide you an independent assessment of the degree and effectiveness your Management System Implementation prior to the certification process allowing you to assess your level of preparedness for certification by an accredited registrar

Seven Step Consulting Pre –Certification Audit Solutions help an organization to assess accurately their compliance with the relevant ISO Certification requirements of the standard/s being implemented and their preparedness to face a formal Certification Audit.

Seven Step Consulting auditors will provide you accurate, in-depth information as to how your organization’s current Management System practices compare to requirements specified in the standard.

Seven Step Consulting auditors will gather as much information as possible on your current management system practices, controls and identify any weaknesses or challenges in your implementation This allows you carry out appropriate Corrective and Preventive Actions in Time

7Step Pre- Certification Audit Solutions Team has the answers to help meet your pre certification audit requirements to ensure a successful initial ISO certification audit. During the Audit our expert auditors will help you gain accurate information on the current practices, systems and controls and identify any weaknesses or problems in your management system.

  1. Business Benefits

Your business benefits from having an Accurate ‘snap-shot’ of the level of compliance of your management system to the standard.

  • Objective assessment and independent feedback on effectiveness of your Management System
  • Invaluable “mock” experience of the certification process.
  • Ability to Identify non-conformities and implement corrective actions prior to the actual certification process
  • Reduced risk of non-conformance during the actual certification audit
  • Education of your management and staff of the audit best practices, and a prior experience on what is about to occur.
  1. Deliverables
  • Pre- Certification Audit Report
  • Recommendations Report for closing gaps and non-conformities.